This month, we’re delighted to hear from Sasa of Sasasunakku. (“sunakku” is how a Japanese person would pronounce “snack” and I’m half Japanese).
Tell us about your blog in five words: Stories, recipes and fighting hangrrr (anger that comes from hunger ;P)

Where do you find inspiration for your blog?
In the food I make – often ideas for stories are evoked by the recipes or ingredients. For example, where I learned to make something or where I first ate something. Also, other bloggers, especially those whose writing I love or who post unusual recipes that catch my eye and lastly how I’m feeling/what is happening in my life at the time.

Three blogs you can’t stop visiting right now:
3! Can I say more? There are so many…

Pease Pudding
Alessandra Zecchini
Curious Kai
At Down Under
Cous Cous and Consciousness
Hungry and Frozen
Heartbreak Pie
And I bet I’ve missed some too.

The best thing about blogging is…
Meeting lovely people from around the world – I thought I had a pretty international set of friends because I’ve lived in so many countries but I’ve met so many more – I’ve made some firm friends in the U.K, the U.S and Berlin among other places already, and I’ve been blogging less than a year. Food bloggers have a real sense of community and I’ve had so many people reach out to me. I’m actually meeting 4 Kiwi blogging friends for the first time when I come home.

Also, it’s been instrumental in getting previously un-techy me a bit savvier; I’m lucky to have a good friend who helps me but I’ve done all the backend stuff myself and learned a lot as I did it.

The worst thing about blogging is…
Um…Spammy Viagra sites leaving comments? Akismet does a great job of separating the spam from comments but I still check manually in case it does bin something from a real person. Also, while most PRs are lovely and polite, I’ve had a few who send emails asking me to promote their product without even checking my name! The emails start “Hi there…” I’m not sure why anyone would want to promote their product without thoroughly checking out the ethos of a site in the first place actually. I’m certainly not opposed to advertising or anything, I just haven’t found anything I like enough to promote yet and I don’t want to bore my readers with something they wouldn’t care about.